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 Sermon Central

  • A place for guest and upcoming Unitarian Universalist ministerial prospects in the Northeastern US to showcase their pulpit offerings. 

  • An opportunity for UUers to sample sermons from various voices and to expand the UU universe.

Rev. Daniel Lawlor

"Giving & Receiving Compasion"


A tribute to Giocille Shaw. Our retiring musical director.

Rev. Joe Paparone

"The Freedom Church of the Poor"


The interlocking oppressions that Dr. King organized the original Poor People's Campaign to challenge, continue today, and in many ways are worse today. How can we take up his call, to build a Nonviolent Army of the Poor, a Freedom Church of the Poor, to demand and enact a society of the common good?

Rev. Daniel Lawlor

"Unfolding Story"


In this New Year’s sermon Rev. Lawlor urges us tie have the courage to meet what we’re avoiding and to be present, even in our hard moments. He encourages us to learn some of the spiritual practices and habits that have helped past communities in this search.

Rev. Daniel Lawlor

"Light One Candle" A Hanukkah Reflection


"Vessels of oil ... small, vessels, cruises of oil.. The kind of vessels that once, long ago, gave us just enough hope to try to change everything in our world. Just enough hope to get us to the next miracle. " - Rabbi Noa Kushner

Benjamin Van Dyne



In the Christian calendar it is the middle of Advent, a season of waiting and repentance before the birth of Jesus at Christmas. It's a time where many questions focus on the life of John the Baptist, who also waited for his Messiah. We'll explore what a community like this one, with so many different backgrounds and theological beliefs, can learn from the John's admonition: "Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at Hand"

Rev. Daniel Lawlor

"Sacred Among Us"


What and who is sacred among us? How do we respond? Whether the beauty of the dark night, compassion in the emergency room, or the unexpected laughter that arrives even in hard times, what and who is sacred? In this season of rededication, let's look to stories from ancient traditions - and not so long ago New York- to imagine and seek what is sacred among us. Join us for grounding songs, a story for all ages, joys and sorrows, meditation and reflection on the sacred among us.

Nora Mulligan


"What is hope?"
The thing with feathers?
A light in the darkness?
A waste of time and energy?
The power that keeps us going?
A look at hope and why it's essential for UU's."

Rev. Daniel Lawlor


"From Spirituality to Spiritual Quests"

The religious philosopher Nancy Frankenberry invites truth seekers to consider moving from studying spirituality to living our spiritual quests, as individuals and in community.
What religious actions do we take, what spiritual habits do we practice, to respond to the tensions, conflicts and anxieties we encounter this autumn, our third in the COVID-19 pandemic? Join us for grounding songs, a poem for all ages, joys and sorrows, meditation and reflection on sustaining habits for spiritual quests.

Rev. Rachel Payne


"Choosing Hope in the Climate Emergency"

We are in a climate emergency. We need to cut our greenhouse gas emissions dramatically and immediately to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees C, which is the goal set by the UN Paris Agreement. And yet emissions continue to rise. Countless lives, human and non-human, hang in the balance, and yet sometimes the change we need feels impossible. Where does our hope come from now, and what can we do that is meaningful?

Rev. Terry Pahucki


Rev. Terry Pahucki

How do we live with courage in our everyday lives? What does the inner work of boldness and bravery look like? Come explore the value that does not always roar as we learn to face our fears together.

Rev. Leonisa Ardizzone


"Calling upon Courage"

We have six years to protect the flourishing of all life on Earth.
How are you c
alled to act to address climate chaos and eco-justice?

Rev. Daniel Lawlor


"Many Prophets, All Souls"

Our faith invites us to discern the good, learn from the good, and grow the good. Particularly this month, on the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, the one year anniversary of Hurricane Ida, and barely a few weeks after Hurricane lan to our South, there can be a great uneasiness, even during a gentle rain. What can we learn from those who respond with care to these hard times? How can we be prophets who honor all souls?

Rev. Lane Cobb


"Navigating Chaos"

Humans are existantial animals.  A species on a quest for enduring meaning.  In an often chaotic and unordered universe.  We want to know our place in the world.  We want to know that what we do matters.  But in a world where meaning is subjective, how can we know that our lives make a difference?

Rev. Daniel Lawlor


"Connecting Across Traditions"

Valerie Kaur, a Sikh leader and author of 'See No Stranger', reminds us, "The voices we spend the most time listening to, in the world and inside our own minds, shape the way we see, how we feel, and what we do." An interfaith tradition, Unitarian Universalism uplifts words and deeds of prophetic people from multiple traditions as a source of inspiration. How can an interfaith perspective influence what voices we seek and listen to day to day? Join us for uplifting songs, a time for all ages (with a butterfly!), joys and sorrows, a moment of silence and a meditation on interfaith teaching.

Rev. Daniel Lawlor


Join us for our opening service of the new congregation year! We enter a new year on the 11th of September, a day holding profound sorrow, anger and remarkable courage; we gather to consider the wisdom of our tradition for hard times- as we work to remember, reflect, and grow. Join us for songs, our opening water ceremony, joys and sorrows, a moment of silence and a meditation on wisdom. Rev. Dr. Howard Thurman reminds, "We can never return to innocence, but we can move forward with integrity."

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